La Pina-Lemonade

There's nothing better than a lemonade that can quench your thirst on a summery day especially when its going to be for a special picnic thats arranged in your very home! ;) And this is not your plain lemonade, but a Pina lemonade. I think pineapple's one fruit that I can absolutely associate with the summers. The juicy succulent tropical fruit thats so sweet and so yellow! Looks like sunshine personified. Hence, the association with summer. 

The same goes for lemonade. You think of a hot summery afternoon and the vision isn't complete without the image of a tall glass of lemonade, chilled of course, filled to the brim with cool water droplets beading on the sides of the glass and ice-cubes floating through it. 

Now my clever brain (I'm such a genius!) thought of combining these two beautiful summery things together to make a fabulous mocktail. I thought for days and days calculating and working out the clinches and ended up with this concoction (jk). Yeah yeah I know, I must sound crazy, and I probably am to some extent and I do realise that this obviously must have been made before, but thought even I'd share this with my readers. You could convert it to a cocktail with a splash of rum and some grenadine I suppose to make it even more fabulous. But since I do live in a dry state (YES!!! NO ALCOHOL here in my state!!!!) and I survive, though God only knows how, and I just went for the fruity mocktail. 

Its a great drink for a BBQ, a luncheon, brunch with your gfs, or even for a kid's party! yayyyy.... So come join me in making this Pina -lemonade

You'll need

4-5 slices of Pineapple 
If you're using canned ones, use 3 tbsp of syrup from the can
3 lemon juice +1 for garnishing
zest of 1 lemon
4 tbsp sugar (adjust according to your tastes)
Ice cubes
5 cups of cool water, use sparkling if you want (add more if required)

Serves: 4 

Complexity: **

Time taken: 5-7 mins


Pour the lemon juice in the water, add sugar, the lemon zest. Its so fragrant, I love it! Chop the pineapple slices in 1 cm cubes. Very thinly slice the remaining lemon in discs. Mix the water with the sugar and lemon juice well so all the sugar is dissolved. Add the cut pineapple cubes and add the pineapple syrup spoon by spoon. Make sure you keep tasting it so it doesn't become really sweet. You could use just 3 tbsp sugar and the syrup to sweeten it.  Add the thinly sliced lemon to it. Give it a final stir. Place the ice cubes in the glasses and pour the pina-lemonade over it. The pieces of pineapple will settle at the bottom, so you might want to pop in a skewer there. Goes great with my Picnic Sandwiches. Quench your thirst and Indulge! :)


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