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So if you have been reading my past posts, you'd know by now that I'm the last person who should be talking bout eating healthy, but then each one of us have our moments. I am certainly not a health food nut or can't even say that I eat only healthy, but once in a while, I do like to eat light.

I had a variety of fruit lying in my fridge. And its not a mystery of what I decided to do with it. Something reeeaallly easy and fast. Also, this is dedicated to a couple of friends of mine K and S who are on a diet like I should probably be on, but I have a will power the size of an ant! I went ahead and made a simple fruity salad with a really yummy dressing that wasn't just low fat but NO fat!!! Now thats what we all want, when we're eating a salad, a no fat dressing thats still rich in flavours, right?!?!

Serves: 2

Complexity: **

Time taken: 10 mins

You'll need

Fruits of your choice-
I had fresh sunny pineapple, crunchy apple, ripe plums, soft pears, bright green kiwis and ruby red pomegranate in my fridge, You could definitely add some berries or figs or something else catches your eye. I don't like to remove the skin from the apples, plums or pears.

Cut the fruit up as you'd like. Bite size pieces work the best. You want to be able to load them all on your fork in one go.

For the dressing I kept it really simple

2 tbsp lemon juice
1" ginger grated
handful of mint leaves torn in halves and cleaned under running water.
1/2 tbsp black salt

Now if you want, you could replace the black salt with organic honey if you like the dressing to be sweet. I just wanted to be able to cut through all the sweetness of the fruit with the saltiness of the black salt and the heat of the ginger. You could also add paprika to this if you want.

To assemble, I made a bed of fresh lettuce leaves. On that I placed the mixed fruit and drizzled on the dressing. Now isn't that so easy and fun to make. So colourful and healthy and delicious- all in one! I ate it by itself for lunch. You can use it as a side to your dinner or as breakfast to kick start your day! Indulge! :)


  1. too health for me ! i rather enjoy looking and (sigh)cooking the other yummy foods that u prepare !~BM


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