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A big warm welcome!! Here's hoping you have a fabulous time here- reading, learning, sharing and being a part of my life. 

I, Myself and Me 

I read this somewhere and it has stuck with me since, "I eat merely to put food out of my mind". This to quite an extent is the truth for me. Ever since I was a kid, I used to take too much of time enjoying my food. Extending my lunchtime and dinner time used to exasperate my parents and they often asked me to hurry up. All I could tell them that eating food is an experience for me, satisfying all my senses. I used to always tell them that I don't eat to live, but I live to eat. From the crunch of the salads to the sweet and savory flavours, the aromas that paved their way into my heart through my mouth made such beautiful memories for me. Indulging in food is the only way I can use to describe my sentiments towards it. 

So today, with the start of this blog, I decided to re-live those memories and make quite a few more. I never thought that my passion for food would someday translate into a passion to cook. This is what brings me here, the desire to be able to share my experiences in the kitchen. I am not a trained chef, let alone a master chef, but I'm just a student with a very strong desire to put good food out on my plate and yours as well. My love of food over the years has propelled me into writing about it here. 

I didn't know quite so much about blogging when I started this blog and 15 days down the line I realised the importance of putting up good pictures to accompany the great food. I am trying to learn food photography too on my own of course. Also I am not very computer savvy and I'm learning the tricks to blogging. So I ask you to please bear with me patiently in my endeavour. As for the food, all I can say is that it will be delicious, I can promise you that. I'd really appreciate your valuable inputs anytime. You can contact me ravneet.kochar@gmail.com and drop in a line there. Or you can comment on the relevant posts. Do share your love and support. Let's agree or disagree, but lets talk food. 

My journey so far- Update

Its been 4 years into blogging and I am so grateful for the love you all have shown me. I treasure each personal message and email that I receive. I try to resolve your queries as soon as possible but if there is any delay by any chance I only ask you give me time and I'll get around to it. I was just going through some initial posts of mine, made me cringe for the non use of technical language and the photographs that are up there, My first instinct was to take them off, but then I have left those posts up there for two reasons, 

a. for the hilarity of it and 
B. to be proud of what I have accomplished. I have come a long way and I am so proud of my journey. 

People close to me know how passionate I am about my blog, my food and my cooking. Being self taught, it has been both a boon and a bane, treading along the path slowly but surely, working to bring good food to your table and mine!

Equipment that I use 

From taking pictures with the flash on(Yikes) to using/manipulating light to the best of my advantage I have come a looooooooong way. I began taking pictures with a Sony point and shoot. After that I switched to my Blackberry. Moved on to use another point and shoot by canon. Then came in my Samsung Note3 which I used for almost a year. I have very recently started using D5500 for my blog posts. So you see, I'm a novice at best, a novice who just wants to keep going and elated by the fact that my food photos are now also up on website like www.Tastespotting.com. Yayyy for the growth chart! 

As a Matter of Principle

Most importantly, I have not monetised this blog because I am not looking to make money off it. I just want to write and document for the love of food and I want to share that love with you all. 

Find Me, Tag me

With your commitment and mine, I really wish to take this small endeavour of mine and make it something I'd be really proud of. I'd request you to share my blog links on instagram, on pinterest and on facebook.  

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Looking forward to seeing you all there! Share pics on Stumbleupon too. Like and comment, it helps me reach more people! Get clicking people! 

Please be Ethical

I would LOVE for you all to publish/share/use my pictures but I request you to seek prior permission.  I would really appreciate it. 

Random Facts

Professionally I am a full time PRO at a financial consulting firm and part time I  also work as an Image Consultant.  

First food memory: As a 3-4 year old sitting on the kitchen floor with my younger brother, helping mom make Rotis. 

No formal culinary or photography training. I believe learning is a life-long process and that I am a student for life

My favourite scents are- garlic sautéing in butter, the smell of earth before it rains, the smell of pages of a well loved book, cake/cookies in the oven, coffee, roses, smoked paprika (4 of them are food! Eh, what can you do!) 

Absolutely have to listen to music according to the food I make, so when I make Indian food, I was probably listening to Indian classical or Old hindi film music

I do it all on my own- little to no help. Researching, shopping, prepping, cooking,  cleaning, photographing and documenting. It does get tedious sometimes

Having people share their creations with me, sharing their experiences while cooking my recipes, sharing their photos, sharing sweet messages gives me a high like no other. That surpasses the aforementioned 'tediousness'. 

I once killed a lizard with my bare foot- freak accident! Don't ask!! Still gives me the chills 

Have been an Inter school and Inter college debate champion

Travelling to Italy, Greece, Turkey, London is a top priority and I am looking forward to that. 

Love to dance- haven't found the right partner yet

Currently seeking for an amalgam of Darcy, Rochester and Wentworth. If you find him, you know which way to turn him to. Thank you. 

Now that you have an insight into my life and me, come, lets be friends for life and share the joy called food. I'm Ki and welcome to KitchenandKi

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