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Alright! So here I am after days of torturing my friends on facebook (or so they've told me) with the photos of some dishes that I had made, to share my experiments in the kitchen with you.

First things first, I really appreciate the wonderful words of kindness that people have encouraged me with. That is what really propelled me into writing this blog.

I'm was born with the love of food. Now yes, I'm over weight, and no, its not because I keep hogging food all day long. Its just that I'm too lazy to exercise! I thought I needed to get that out of the way :) Anyway, as I was saying, I was born to love food. Its in my blood. My mother makes delicious food that I've grown up eating (though her style and my style is completely different in the kitchen) and then there's my aunts and my grandmother who have done their bit by passing on the 'gastronomique' gene on to me.The aroma of fresh herbs and spices has perennially been wafting through my house since I can remember. The effort that my mother used to make in cooking to entertain guests, and the efforts and the thought behind the presentation of each dish with two really young children on her back is what I remember from my days of childhood. But she loved it and so do I! 

So, well, here I am.....attempting to write bout it. Bear with me, for my writing is not that articulate and its just me experimenting in my kitchen!

Allow me to introduce to you a few of mine and my family's personal favourites
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My favourites

It is so difficult to choose from my recipes, for I have made them ALL with so much love and they are my babies. My taste would depend on my mood of the day. But IF I do have to choose, these would be them. 

The super versatile Slow Roasted Tomatoes. Use them for sauces, on pizzas, in pastas, for bruschetta, for sandwiches, for soups- literally, they are my little prized possessions! 

My Fresh Picnic Sandwiches are the stuff of legends. Non vegetarian and so easy to make, they have accompanied my and my family for as far as I can remember for any road trips, for any travels, for school, for lunches, dinners, you name it! 

Hummus is one of my favourite spreads ever. Period. And I am quite good at making it. Try my recipe! Aaaaand it is always there in my fridge. Its my mom's favourite. Maybe I should have listed this under her favourites!  

Pizza!! Enuff said. If I had to choose to live on only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be Pizza. Find my favourite recipes here and here

I already had a recipe of Aglio Olio here on my blog. Then the movie Chef came out. I simply had to recreate it. Here's Chef movie's Aglio Olio e Peperoncino 

My go to Italian Sandwich- Caprese Panini with Balsamic Reduction. You really have to try this to understand the beauty of that beautiful sweet balsamic combined with the fresh yet cheesy sandwich

If you're looking for a one pot meal, look no further. Here's my Mango rice for you! Substitute mango with curd or with lemon and you'll still have a lip smacking meal on your hands.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth but when it comes to brownies, I don't settle. Here are the best Walnut Fudge-y Brownies you will ever taste. I have received numerous messages gushing about the goodness of these brownies. 

My birthday Cake for the year 2015. Handmade and hands down beats any sweet treat. Colourful, funfilled, Funfetti cake

Dad's Favourites

My dad, the man who goes by the 'tried and trusted' philosophy in life. He prefers to stick to the tastes that he knows and likes. Not much of a food experimenter in that sense. So most of the times I end up having to convince him to try what I have made. Aaaaaand trust me, never has this once happened that he ended up not liking what he had. And a few things- he absolutely LOVES!! Here's them.

A Punjabi/ Indian Vegetarian delight is this Chhole Bhature or chickpeas with fried flatbread. This has been one of my most sought after recipes on the blog and for the right reasons. Give it a go!

This he says reminds him of the Mutton Rogan Josh he used to have as a kid. 

My partner in crime, he loves this humble Potato wedges as much as I do and we love to down them with a chilled bottle of coke. 

He was reluctant to try these given that they are doused in bbq sauce and topped with coleslaw, but he can't get enough of them now- Pulled chicken bbq sliders.

Shahi Murgh Biryani or as he likes to call it, his favourite Biryani ever! 

If you're noticing a theme here, you're right. He does love his chicken. And he loves these Doner Kebabs

Desserts is a whole long list only because the cakes/cookies that I make are ALL for him. Seeing the smile on his face when he first gets a whiff of a dessert baking in the oven is what makes me immensely happy. I'll take the liberty of picking his top favourite and I say he'd pick these Father's day Choco- chip Cookie Cakes I baked for him

Mom's Favourites

One look from my mom and I know if she has hated the dish or loved it. So when she is tasting something new, my eyes are pinned on hers and there is where I know if I've been successful in my attempts or not. 

The Israeli egg dish Shakshouka was a new one at home but mom fell in love with it instantaneously. She had already had her brekkie and believe you me, she had this almost immediately after. Weekends come and she keeps telling me to make it again... one of these days I will! 

Since she is not much of a chocolate person, she prefers it when I bake this Orange Cranberry cake. This one tops her lists of favourites and she has told me this over and over. Lucky me! 

She prefers bold flavours but things that are not too spicy. This steamed fish or Patra ni Macchi is her top fave fish items. 

Being a tomato lover, she LOVES LOVES LOVES my slow roasted tomatoes and what better than this Roasted Tomato Shorba/soup. In winters, I make this in big batches once a week so it lasts her about 3-4 days! 

Bruschetta al Pomodoro is again her favourite cause she can then sneak in her favourite tomatoes in there. And she always asks me to add extra extra basil on top of it. I love making this for the reason that Bruschetta is loved by everyone at home and it makes for a healthy lunch/ dinner/ snack whatever you want it to be. 

All year round, mom needs this to be around in the fridge. So we always have a batch of Hummus in our freezer. 

My Brother's faves

Now my brother takes a little after our father, so he can be a tad tricky to deal with but once he some chicken wraps that I had made, he was a goner. Now he never fusses and always always eats what I make. Doesn't mean he won't tease me when it comes to my cooking. He prefers meals that are fuller and healthier. Gonna keep this short though- he loves all of the following. 

Falafel Pita pockets
Fajita wraps
Chicken Tariwala/ with gravy
Chicken Tortilla
Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Crinkle Brookies
Cranberry Lemon Pancakes

Hope you give them a try and for more recipes, make sure you visit my Recipe Index for more recipes! 

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