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Fun Fun Funfetti Cake

So January is the month of resolutions, February is the month of love and March is the month of colours! 
Its the month of spring, the flowers are almost about to bloom everywhere making this planet a more beautiful place to live in. Then comes in the Indian festival of Holi with splashes of colour everywhere. Soon enough there's Easter with kids going on a hunt for pastel coloured eggs. And lets not forget the Irish festival of St Patrick's day when people chase rainbows and pots of gold.
You get the picture- colour, colour and more colour. The vibrance, the joy, the energy, the love, the vitality, the zest and the flavours that these beautiful colours represent come alive in the month of March and so my second colourful indulgence for this month was A FUN FUN FUNFETTI CAKE. 

Do you see the splash of colours in and on the cake! I was instantly in love with this! This funfetti loaf cake is so easy to make, is moist with a dense tender crumb and tons of sprinkles with a glaze of w…

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