Black forest Brownie Trifle

For those of you who are familiar with trifles, know that they are a very time consuming process, making the sponge, making the custard, cooling everything, gathering the fruit and last but not the least assembling it. It takes almost a day to make the trifle! Too long, I'd say!

But when you have the brownies that we made together the one with the secret ingredient, you can make a trifle within a matter of minutes! I like to make individual servings. Less messy, everyone gets equal layers, looks pretty and easier to assemble I'd say!

You'll need:

1 cup cream
1.5 cups sugar
2 tspn vanilla essence
Piece of chocolate bar
Can of maraschino cherries
Pinch of love

Whip together the cream, sugar and vanilla essence till you achieve hard peaks. Make sure the cream is thoroughly chilled. I'd advise you to use an electric whisk for this. Less labour and faster results. Or you can skip this part altogether and purchase whipping cream. I like it home made though.

Take a medium- size glass (with a stem preferably, but don't fret over it). First lay in a piece of that beautiful fudgy brownie at the bottom. drop a few maraschino cherries (or any canned cherries). Don't forget to push them to the sides so we can see the beautiful red colour bursting out, giving us 'come hither' looks. ;)  Drizzle a tablespoon or so of the syrup that comes in the cherry can to impart that flavour to the brownie. Pipe some of our whipped cream over it and repeat the brownie, cherry and cream layer till the glass is full. Sprinkle very little coffee powder and grate a piece of dark chocolate over the last layer of cream and top everything off with a cherry. Now who can resist that! Spread the love!  


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