Chunky Tangy Salsa

Salsa- we all love it! The dance as well as the sauce! Its hot and its sexy. I meant the sauce. The dance is too but the sauce is a vibrant melange of colours and flavours that just burst in your mouth. I think everyone has their own version of salsa. When I think of salsa, the colour red pops into my mind; the flavour- a combination of tangy and spicy. Its the life line of every party. Quick to make and assemble, can be served with chips, crackers, tortillas, nachos, even fried or baked flatbreads, you name it. It also serves as a side to so many mexican dishes. There are so many types of salsas to make, with different ingredients. My favourite of them is Salsa Roje or the red salsa, which we all commonly eat. If you have friends coming over, or a girls night out, or even a picnic, bring out your bags of chips and this yummy Salsa and you're set! So on to my version of the recipe.


2 Red onions
1 Green capsicum
2 spring onions with the greens
3-4 medium sized tomatoes
1 lime
red chilli flakes to make it extra spicy
3-4 cloves of garlic ( add more if you like the garlicky flavour)
pinch of oregano
Fresh green coriander
1-2 tbspn of ketchup
Pickled jalepenos
Pinch of love


Dice the onions, tomatoes and spring onions. Roast the green capsicum directly on fire just till the skin turns a little golden (trust me that takes the flavour to a whole new level). Dice it up as well. Chop the pickled jalapenos and mix the onions, tomatoes, capsicum and jalapenos together. Add salt, chilli flakes, oregano, lime juice. Crush garlic, chop finely and add to the mix. Taste to adjust the seasoning. Add ketchup and coriander leaves and mix well till everything is well combined. Don't forget to add the pinch of love. Most importantly, cover the salsa and rest in the fridge for a minimum of 15-20 minutes for all the flavours to come out and amalgamate, let the juices of the tomatoes and onions run a little. Garnish with more coriander leaves and a pinch of oregano if you wish. Serve with love and have fun!


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