Valentine's Cupid's Heart Cookies

So we've been friends for a loooooong time! You know me. I'm all about love. Sometimes I think I am a big, 5'5 tall, walking talking heart. 

I also sometimes wish that it wasn't the case. 

Almost everyone around me tells me that I should be more practical, less naive, less emotional, less sensitive. 

And I tell them why?! Life is all about feeling. Feeling happy, sad, ecstatic, excited, all the ups and downs. And if you can't feel life with your heart, don't surround yourself with love, life's not worth it. 

That's just my plain opinion.Anyone out there like me?! 

One day a year though, everyone thinks like me! Thats 14th of Feb!! Love is celebrated as it ought to be every single minute of a person's life. 

Pinks and reds rule and iconography of hearts is seen everywhere. Ofcourse how could I be any further away. Afterall even the key ingredient in all my food n recipes is 'A Pinch of Love' 

So to keep things simple, I baked my very popular Browned butter Cut-out cookies aka Cupid's Heart Cookies. I have made these before and have had such a positive response that I thought they would be absolutely perfect for the day of love. Check out the detailed step by step recipe here

Don't forget to add an extra dash of your Pinch of Love in this recipe. Oh n please feel free to elaborately decorate the cookies. I love the minimalistic look of them and I stuck with it. 

And last but not the least, my sugar icing doesn't use any egg whites, meringue powder or corn syrup. Its only sugar, lemon juice and milk. 

Here they are! My Cupid's Heart Cookies 

Ready to be baked

Out of the oven and cooling

The icing ready to make my cookies pretty! 

How cute do these look! 

In the words of Keats- "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely friends, readers and fellow bloggers! Find love, make love and be love....Indulge! 


  1. Cookies are great treat for any person in times of mild hunger. These cookies are just too good and look delicious. I will for sure love to have them or at least try to make them at home.


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