Cookie Dough Bowl

Can life get any better than this?! I mean really.... tell me... Cause I can definitely tell you, I have attained nirvana after eating this. 

So the other day, after spending some time on Thorough research (read: browsing through pics on Pinterest) I came across a pretty interesting concept. I saw Ice-cream being served in chocolate cups. Let me urge you to close your eyes and imagine this- A cake made of chocolate in the shape of a bowl and then filled up with some sort of chocolate ice-cream drizzled with some caramel and hot fudge sauce. Did your knees just buckle?! 

Mine did! I HAD to remake those! Ofcourse then I had to give them my own twist too but I HAD to make them. So here I was, having another tryst with my kitchen, sneaking in chocolate and all. But lets just keep things G-rated here, you see India just witnessed #pornban. Don't want to get caught in that! 

I ended up making Cookie Dough Bowls. Yes!! The goodness of cookie dough + icecream + chocolate sauce..... Sugar high anyone?! I love how all the goodness is combined in one. I mean you do know how much I love cookie dough cause I've been using it since a long time. Like I used it to make a Cookie Pizookie, Cookie dough cupcakes, Cookie dough cakes in a cup and now this!  

The edges of these cookie bowls are crispier and the middle is slightly chewy- best of both worlds. And they taste like heaven. I lie not my dear friends, Heaven! Trust me, make them and fall in love with them like I did! 

Serves: 6 bowls

Time taken: 40 mins + chilling time

Complexity: ***

You'll need

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup white sugar
1/2 cup chocolate chips of your choice, I went with dark semi sweet ones
2/3 cup butter
2 eggs, medium
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
Extra flour for dusting
Pinch of love


I like to powder my sugars at home. Don't ask me why, I just prefer it that way. Add them to a food processor and blitz till they are all powdered. Set aside

Next take your chocolate chips in the grinder. Having big pieces of chocolate chips will hamper rolling out the dough later so we are going to coarsely powder them so they are easy to work with. Do you see the moisture on the chocolate chips? Its that hot n humid here... just took them out of the fridge and they look like this.

See how they are powdered, not very finely but relatively quite small. 

Next, you can do this manually with a wooden spoon or in the food processor or a standing mixer with a paddle attachment. Add in the butter and sugar and cream them together. 

Once the butter and sugar have incorporated a little air, add in the eggs and the vanilla. 

Take the flour and baking powder in a bowl and whisk till they are both combined well. 

Add that to the wet ingredients. 

Then forget that you have to add in the chocolate as well and run the food processor but then remember again that ooopssieee.. gotta add the powdered chocolate chips! 

So here's me adding the chocolate chips after the dough had been processed a little. Combine till everything comes together and gains some structure. The chocolate chips should be evenly distributed through the dough by now. 

Since its quite hot here, I had to chill my dough in the fridge for 2 hours before I could work with it. Depending on where you live, I'd suggest you chill your dough anywhere from 30 mins to overnight. Here's me dumping that dough on the plastic wrap

Pull one end of the wrap over to the other side, this will help shape up the dough. Shaping the dough will make it easier for us to roll it out later. All wrapped up! How beautiful does this look- cookie dough speckled with dark chocolate chips...

After a couple of hours, take it out and dust some flour over your working surface. 

Preheat your oven at 160C or 320F. Grease your inverted muffin trays with some oil or butter so the cookie dough doesn't stick. 

Start rolling out the dough over that floured surface and keep spreading till it is about 2-3 mm maximum in thickness. Remember this will puff up when it bakes. 

Take a bowl or a cookie cutter or any round cutting device you can find and cut the dough into that round shape like so. Make sure the rounds you cut are atleast 3" bigger than the muffin moulds

Gently lift it up and place the cut round over the inverted muffin tray mould like this. If your dough tears, just pinch it back into place. 

Keep repeating the process and covering 6 moulds like this. I had very little left over dough which I just shaped in a round and ate it as soon as it came out of the oven. Cook's treat- I like to call it! Just gently press on the bowls so they fit perfectly over the moulds and take their shape later. Place in the oven for baking for 15 minutes or till the edges of the bowls start turning golden brown. Your house is going to smell like heaven right now, I kid you not! 

Baked to perfection, aren't they?! If you want to have cleaner edges, as soon as they come out of the oven take a sharp knife and cut through them to make them look more polished. I personally prefer how pretty and rustic they look. Not only that, I wouldn't at any cost part away with those crispy edges! 

Let them cool for 5-7 minutes before gently pulling them off the moulds. 

Look at how chic they look! I'm so sad that they are gone now. Gone too soon really

Golden chocolate-y, vanilla-y perfection! Trust me, try them, you want to have best friends like these in your life. I served some plain vanilla icecream drizzled with chocolate sauce and some sprinkles over it... simple but works like a charm! 



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