The Blushing Mojito

I will admit, I made this drink on a whim. It was a hot clammy day and I was in dire need of something cold and refreshing. Looking through my fridge, I found I had some fruit and some sprite. And my mind suddenly did that quick calculation of the combinations I could make- the flavours that could work and eliminating those that wouldn't. 

I'm such a food ninja! (not really, but I'd like to think so) 

Mojitos have always been a top favourite of mine. Especially the fruity ones. I like how rejuvinating they are with all that mint and the lime or lemons. Today I had some pomegranate on hand and some kiwis. And to think that I could make something that would turn out to be pinkish, I didn't need any incentive beyond that. 

I call this a Ruby Red and Black Diamond Mojito because of the ruby like seeds of the pomegranate and the smattering of the black Kiwi seeds.

And here's how I made these adorable Pin-hued Mojitos that you can get away drinking in the day time cause they are virgin! I reckon they would make a great water infusion as well if you don't have sprite or soda on hand. Aaaaand since I think of everything, to make this adult friendly, you can very well add PAMA or pomegranate liqueur to this for a bright Pinkier girl-y drink version. On to the nonrecipe - recipe 

Serves: 4

Time taken: 5 minutes

Complexity: *

You'll need

1 pomegranate, deseeded
bunch of mint leaves
1 Kiwi, quartered and sliced
1 tbsp lemon juice per glass
pinch of love


In a mortar and pestle or with a muddler, combine the pomegranate seeds, the mint leaves, the kiwi slices and lemon juice. 

To deseed the pomegranate, just slice it in half and gently bash the top of the pomegranate to release the seeds. 

Gently muddle the ingredients together. If you want to give this a twist, you can also add a green chili to slowly infuse the heat in the drink. I didn't do it this time. 

Transfer the mix to the glass and add some ice to it

Pour sprite over it to add that sparkling sweetness and you're done! You can also add champagne, some sparkling water, some soda or even plain water to suit whatever mood you're in.  

Just give it a couple of minutes to let the flavours all marry and get to know each other better...See how its turning a pinkish hue with all those ruby red seeds 

The refreshing pomegranate mojito ready to drink

Sip your way to freshness.... see what I meant about the bejeweled look. Do you see those beautiful black diamonds peeking out at you. 

This just made my day!! The flavours -so invigorating. I am thinking some lemon zest would have been wonderful as well. Make it your own.... 

This is from another time I made it, I love pairing it with foods that tend to be heavier, so something fried/ oily/ cheesy, goes brilliantly with this. The mint and pomegranate, both are known for their digestive properties. This time I paired it with Sabudana Vada or tapioca fritters which is a crispy crunchy fried Indian street-food. 

The colour my cheeks turn when people praise the food I make.... Indulge!! 


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