Sammie Time

So I'm sure that each of us has those days when you are drained out from a busy day, don't want to cook much, want to have something simple yet satisfying. Just grab a bite to eat from outside?! Naaah.... not in Ki's Kitchen! I just raid my fridge and make a sandwich to soothe my hunger pangs. You get some bread, put in some veggies or meats and top it with cheese et voila! Sandwich's done! 

Sandwiches are my best friends. So much so that I have christened them Sammies! Ok, no, I admit I didn't! I read it somewhere and I thought, isn't it just the perfect way to bring me n my sandwich closer and strengthen our relationship, take forward. Wait, I'm still talking about a sandwich only. But I do love my Sandwiches! 

So here's what I had the other day. 

Nothing extra ordinary, very simplistic but so delish. I thank God each day for putting such good food on my plate. Please don't forget to be thankful! 

Here's what I had! 

Serves: 2

Complexity: **

Time taken: 15 mins

You'll need

2 Pita breads
1 tomato, sliced horizontally
1 cucumber, sliced horizontally
some lettuce or any other greens you like
half a red onion, sliced into half moons
2 tbsp Greek salad dressing 
Feta cheese
Chicken or any other meat, shredded (optional)
1 tbsp melted butter
A pinch of love


Chop up the vegetables. Arrange them in a plate and drizzle the salad dressing over it. You can choose to add some black pepper over it just to give it a kick. 

Halve the pita bread and open it up so you have nice pita pockets. Oops, I tore mine a little from the edges, but it still tasted the same if not better!  

Start stuffing it with the veggies. Fill it up nicely. 

Top it off with the delicious salty feta. I think its my favourite cheese of all times! 

Meanwhile heat your panini maker or a sandwich press. Brush some melted butter on the sides of pita and place it in the panini maker. 

This is where the good stuff happens. 

In a couple o' minutes your pita sammies will have browned and the outer shells will have crisped up a bit. The feta will have melted gorgeously. 

Take it out and admire it for a minute. Now add a good dollop of fresh homemade tzatziki (I always have it lying around at home) before eating it all with a pinch of love! And since it is summer, make a fruity mocktail to go with it like I did since it is really no work! Indulge!! :) 


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