Doing a Houdini

Its been more than 9 months now that I have written on my blog. And it was as frustrating as one can imagine. Staying away from something I love so much and staying away from all of you- oh how I've missed this haven! 

So where did I disappear? 

I received so many messages and emails from you guys asking me why I wasn't blogging anymore. Thank you for that first of all. Thank you for missing me. Made me feel like I was a part of your life. 

In April 2016, I made the biggest change of my life yet. I moved. I moved from India to Toronto. A long overdue change that I needed in my life. The biggest adventure, gamble or risk if you will. I moved here on my own, alone. My first time moving out of the comforting shell of my parental home where I was spoilt like a princess. Moving to a new land where I had no family, no friends, hell I didn't even have a job or a house! Daunting, huh?! Exciting, most definitely!! 

I needed to take a break to adjust to the new life here. Finding myself. Trying to break the old and form the new. Trying to build myself from scratch. Trying to lay down a foundation. 

My journey so far

I left India on the 1st of April no less. Most of my friends and acquaintances thought I was playing a April fool's prank on them. But I did land in TO on the 2nd of April! And TO welcomed me with open arms. The first day I landed here, I got a proper Canadian welcome cause it was snowing that day. Actually it started snowing just when I walked out of the airport. And it was magical! 

By the way, Canadians really ARE the nicest, most polite people ever! And if you must know, I moved here cause I wanted to be closer to Justin Trudeau. If you can, please let him know! Oh and people hold doors open for each other here- chivalry is still alive! 

Time just flew by as I looked for a home, a job... you know... the works. And before I knew it, it was the year 2017. There was not a single day when I didn't want to write but finding the time was tricky. Thankfully I was never away from the kitchen. Food was my constant solace and Instagram was my ally. Btw, are you there on my instagram?! 

But being on my own and doing a regular job meant I didn't really have the time and luxury to take step by step pictures of what I cooked. You know I love documenting and sharing the whole process with you guys so its more convenient for you and makes things easier for you. Secondly I didn't really have good lighting in my kitchen but I have that issue sorted now. 

I am back!

In all earnestness I am going to try to post here now. With or without step by step pictures. Please bear with me. I know you're my friends, you'd understand! I have a lot more exciting recipes to share with you, recipe you'd love, some old n comforting recipes, some new and fun recipes with one common ingredient- (say it with me) A PINCH OF LOVE. So keep coming back, keep checking out the blog and to all my people, thank you for sticking around! Oh and since its still January, wish you all a very memorable, happy, love filled NEW YEAR!!  

A special shoutout

To my parents who have been there beside me, supporting me, encouraging me and being there for me through all my craziness in this big shift. I love you from the bottom of my heart and all I can do is try to make you happy and proud.

I am attaching some pictures here that are significant to me, hope you enjoy them! 

My first breakfast 

Mother's day breakfast 

When it was the Cherry Blossom Season

When summer was in full bloom and Peonies were everywhere

When I made this batch of decadent triple chocolate and caramel brownies ( I really missed you guys when I made this and I have the recipe coming up!) 

When I was a witness to this wonder of the world

When my handsome dad visited me!! Oh how much I miss not seeing his face or getting his warm hugs every single day ever since I moved. 

When I celebrated this beautiful's birthday with her favourite Lemon cupcakes made by yours truly ofcourse! :) 

When I sneaked in a couple of Sangrias

When I celebrated Diwali with this homemade Daal ka Halwa 

And homemade Kaju Katli

When autumn came and brought these beautiful colours

And when it was the first official Winter snow

When Christmas came in and brought magic to my heart and life

Ofcourse I made my yearly red velvet Crinkle cookies

And then came New Years 

And Uttarayan was celebrated too! 

Thats it for now, see you soon! 



  1. Now i get yr dad always wish to feed people at his office...all yummy stuff...


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