Rainbow Smoothie

Its only March and look at whats happened to new year resolutions. I had resolved this year that I'm going to be very regular with my posts. One recipe share/ tete- a- tete with you every week. And here I am, more than a month later, feeling guilty for being away from you all for so long. *sigh*

There's big news coming up!! Time for some big changes. All will be revealed in good time, just stand by me meanwhile, my dear friends. 

I have been super super busy these last couple of months owing to the aforementioned changes. And being busy means one thing for me- ignoring my food and sleep. Is that two things?! And not to mention anything about working out. You know me, I don't work out unless I'm motivated a 1000% which ofcourse is once in a blue moon. (All the fitness lovers, this is changing soon as well) 

So the other day I was browsing through the home section of one of the stores here and I landed upon the cutest mason jars ever! You know the glass ones with a cutsie lid that has a straw going through it. They're also known as smoothie jars because well, they have a straw going through the lid so you can drink on the go! 

Given my busy schedule, I thought why not try having smoothies as a regular feature in my day. I mean they are healthy and I really need to discover what this smoothie craze is all about. I know I know, I've tried them earlier too. There's this one that I really enjoy! But I don't get to have it much often. 

This time I thought why not make the mother of all fruit smoothies which is how I 'came' up with this yummm "rainbow" smoothie. Now you can totally just make one smoothie at a time. Play around with almond milk, soy milk, add nuts if you want to go nuts, add cereal, oats, chia seeds, I mean the works. I totally encourage you to make your own. I personally enjoy only the fruity ones and here they are! 

Btw, total bonus, no cooking! Just get your blender ready and get zappin! 

Serves: 1

Complexity: *

Time taken: 5 mins per smoothie layer

You'll need

Purple Smoothie

1 cup black grapes/ blueberries/ blackberries (Freeze them for 15-20 mins before blending if possible)
1 beetroot, washed, peeled, cut into cubes

Pink smoothie (This one I absolutely adore)

1/2 cup greek yogurt
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup pomegranate/ raspberries/ dragon fruit 
1 banana, preferably frozen for that luscious thickness

For Green Smoothie

3 kiwis, peeled and cubed  (freeze for 15-20 mins if possible before adding to blender)
1 large cucumber, peeled and sliced
handful mint leaves
Green apple 
Lemon juice

Yellow Smoothie

1 cup mango pulp
2 oranges, pitted


Once you have your favourite fruits and other things in place, you can start by adding the fruits to the blender. I pulsed it a few times so there was still some texture to the smoothie. You can choose to have it completely smooth. Also, freezing your fruit for 15-20 mins prior to smoothie- fying gives it a naturally thick luscious richness. I have ignored this step quite a lot of times and my smoothies are just a tad more liquid. Thats it. Thats the only difference. 

Here's the purple one in making

The pink one

The green one

Sorry, totally forgot to click the yellow one. After blending each one separately, I transferred them to different bowls so I could layer them in those cute jars.

All you need to do is, ladle the smoothies and layer them in the order that you like. You can clearly see I wasn't precise with the ladling. My ladle was a tad bigger than the mouth of the jar and well there was splashing of smoothies inside the jar and honestly who cares! The real fun is to layer the smoothies and then swirl your straw in it so they get all psychedelic and mixed up and the flavours merge and you sip it and omg!! 

Much deliciousness, so much wow! No, seriously! I haven't forgotten my english, but they are ridiculously healthy and good and perfect for the coming summers!  The best part is I'm not craving any icre-creams anymore. Well its damn hot here already, which is why I'm enjoying these so much. 

Here's one I made and kept the layers separate

Then there was another day when I swirled a couple layers for that 'artsy' feel. 

And I also think these make for an excellent healthy Holi celebration! A great splash of vivid natural colours to nourish your mind and body! 

Sip away! Indulge! 


  1. I have been looking for smoothies blog and finally, i got one. This rainbow smoothie is just simply amazing, can't wait to try them. Great Share


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