Banana Cupcakes and Oreo Frosting

I think bananas were made to put in desserts. Same goes for Oreos. Combine the two together and you get a bomb cupcake. It has it all- textures, flavours, little moist, dense piece of heaven right there! 

So the other day we had a few extra bananas in the house. They were ripe and wouldn't have survived the day. I hate wasting food and I thought why not whisk up some cupcakes using the bananas. How very convenient, right?! So long story short, 10 mins later, I had these cupcakes baking and about 30 minutes later I was eating a cupcake and then I realised I could make them better. Admittedly I'm a little late to join this bandwagon but I thought why not use some Oreo frosting. And the rest as they say is history. 

The cupcake recipe is exactly like my Banana Cake. You can add 2 heaping tbsps of cocoa powder or 2/3 cup of chocolate chips to make it chocolatier. I prefer plain banana cupcakes paired with Oreo frosting. Lets the oreo flavour shine through. But hey, you're the boss of your cupcakes. You do you! 

The oreo frosting was a first time for me and ohhhh myyyy Gaawwddd.... it blew my socks off! The light airy whipped cream frosting speckled with the chocolate-y oreos provided a textural contrast was divine. Just trust me on this one if you haven't tried them yet, 'You've gotta make them!' 

Lets get cookin'

Serves: 6

Time taken: 30 mins baking + 15 mins frosting + cooling time

Complexity: ** 

You'll need

Banana Cake batter (recipe here
6-8 classic Oreo cookies, ground finely in a food processor
1 cup whipping cream (35% fat content minimum)
2/3 cup sugar (I don't like my frosting overly sweet)


Before you begin, make sure the cream is completely chilled. I prefer using whipped cream instead of butter cream. Makes me feel less guilty somehow. 

I whip my cream in a ice bath since I don't have a standing mixer yet. So begin by adding the cream to the bowl. Remove any whey if there is. 

Add in the sugar. 

Start whisking and in about 3-4 minutes, you should start to see the cream aerating, the volume of the cream increasing, and soft peaks forming. 

I stopped around the 5-6 minute mark. There were peaks forming but they were not completely stiff. That was just perfect for a decadent frosting on my cupcake! 

Dump in the crushed oreos in the cream and very gently fold it in the cream with a spatula. Be careful not to knock out the air of the cream. Its now ready to pipe. To keep things simple, take a zip lock bag, spoon the cream in the bag, cut off the tip of the bag and pipe the Oreo cream on the cupcake. 

These cupcakes look a little lonely

Ta da! Much better!! 

Look at that beautiful speckled gorgeousness. Banana cupcakes with Oreo frosting. 

Couldn't get enough of these! 

What made these even better is that I dressed the cupcakes with oreo cookies. Ohhh myyyy Gaaawwwd.... Just make these already! Asap!! 

And hey, if you're lazy like me and don't want to pipe the cream, just spoon some over directly on the cupcake. I love how rustic it looks. Rustic and just right. I want to bake these again right now! Too bad I'm out of bananas at the moment and will have to wait till tomorrow. Indulge! 


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