Zesty Lemon Curd

While I was in California almost 3 years back, I, like most Cali people used to frequent Trader Joes. Its one of those stores where you get all things healthy and organic. So the quality is always up there! One of my favourite things to get from the store was Lemon Curd. 

Isn't it strange that so many of our memories revolve around food....maybe its just me..

Cut to today, suddenly, out of the blue, I craved the lemon curd. Now staying in India makes it almost impossible to procure it instantly. But here I was, really craving some zesty rich freshness. 

Fuelled with my desire, I headed to the kitchen. Putting aside all doubts that I had over the years, especially regarding getting the consistency right and not scrambling them eggs while making the curd. Replacing it all with a zeal and gusto, I searched my fridge for lemons. The kitchen Gods were kind to me. There were lemons in the fridge! The same thing for all the ingredients. I had them all! Happy day indeed

All that was left was to just make it. So lets! Its the easiest thing ever. All my hesitation aside, this is by far the yummiest lemon curd I've had, even better than Trader Joes' and takes no time at all. Lip smacking goodness- here we come! 

Before we start, isn't the aroma of the lemon zest the very epitome of summers?!

Makes: 1 cup 

Time taken: 10 mins

Complexity: **

You'll need

3 whole eggs 
2/3 cup confectioner's sugar
Juice of 2 large lemons
zest of 2 large lemons
2 tbsp butter
pinch of love


In a bowl, crack open the eggs. Add in the sugar and lemon juice. 

Whisk until all combined.

Now make a makeshift double boiler. Place a pot filled 1/4th with water. The size of the pot should be such that the bowl can sit at the top of the pot without the water touching it. Heat the pot of water so that the water starts to simmer. Place the bowl with the mix over it

Have your whisk ready in hand and keep whisking continuously. Don't let the mix lay still even for a second. In just about 2-3 minutes, the lemon curd mix will start foaming at the top and will start to thicken. 

Keep whisking for a minute more on the lowest heat. 

Take a wooden spoon and dip it in the custard. Draw your finger through the middle and if the custard stays as it is, its done. 

Take it off the heat and immediately add in the lemon zest 

And butter and mix till its all incorporated. The aroma is soooooooooo-oh good at this time. And see, no scrambled eggs mess. In any case if your eggs do get scrambled, don't fret. Just strain the lemon curd before adding the zest to get rid of the lumps. Then add the lemon zest. 

Cover it with a plastic wrap so that the wrap touches the lemon curd. Place this in the fridge to cool for about 4 hours before use. 

Then transfer to an airtight jar to use upto 7 days. Glorious Yellow Lemon-y Goodness. 

Zesty, fresh and summers personified. I ended up making tartlets with the lemon curd. Use it with scones, over pancakes, as frosting between cakes.... the options are endless. 



  1. Hi Ki

    I tried this last week and it was amazing.

    Thanks for all of your posts


  2. Hi Ki

    I came back and made your wonderful lemon curd again.

    Thought you would like to know.



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