Mango Rice - Quick Meal

Its Summers here in India! 

Summers for me means two things
a. the sun
b. Mangoes


The king of fruits. The sunny, gorgeous, golden, pulpy, sweet, juicy fruit! Laden with nutrients and calories. Ofcourse before the actual mangoes come, the market is filled with raw mangoes or Kacchi Keri. 

I'm a huge fan of Kacchi Keri! The tart tangyness paired with just a little bit of salt n red chili is one of my favourite combinations. 

One of my friend's is south Indian and she told me of these wonderful Mango rice that she makes at home during the summers. 

Takes about 10 minutes and my oh my.... the flavour!! I made these today and I think I'm going to keep making them till the mangoes last! This quick stirfry is sooooo easy!! Try it out n let me know! 

Here goes! 

Serves: 2

Time taken: 10 mins

Complexity: **

You'll need

2 cups cooked rice (leftover rice works beautifully)
1 cup raw mango, peeled and grated

For tempering

1 tbsp Chana dal (bengal gram split)
1 tbsp Urad daal (black gram skinned)
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp cumin
2 whole dry red chilies
4-5 curry leaves
8-10 peanuts
1 green chili, quartered lengthwise
1 pinch of asafoetida
1 tsp tumeric powder
2 tbsp veg oil
salt to taste
pinch of love


Heat the oil on medium in a skillet. 

When the oil begins to shimmer, add the chana dal, urad dal, mustard seeds and cumin. Allow to splutter for a minute. Keep stirring so the dal gets evenly golden

Throw in the whole red chilies, the curry leaves and the peanuts.

The green chili with seeds

The pinch of asafoetida

Turmeric and salt. 

Give it all a stir and then add the grated raw mango. 

Let it saute in the spice tempering for about a minute. 

Add the rice, make sure there are no lumps. 

Give it all a toss and your mango rice is ready to serve! 

How easy was that! You can garnish this with coriander or cilantro. 



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