Adieu 2014, Bienvenue 2015

My beloved readers, my fellow foodies, my dear dear friends, with all the love in my heart and the food in my belly, the drinks in my hand and positivity in my head, I wish you a bold, adventurous, beautiful and memorable 2015. 

Go out and do things you were too afraid to try, something new, even if it was something like using a big chef's knife and chopping those onions! Take more risks! Love more! Eat more and cook more and feed more! Live mindfully! Thats all I can wish for myself and you 

My last week of December was a very memorable one. I got a chance to meet up with old friends and catch up, I put up my Christmas tree (a fake one cause we don't get real ones in India), indulged in a few DIY projects, Made my Christmas dinner, which was the highlight of my week; partied as the end of the year beckoned and then spent the NYE at home with my family. Can't really get better than that. 

Will be updating the recipes for my Christmas dinner soon.

Meanwhile allow me to share what I made. 

Bbq Chicken

Roasted Potatoes

Sauteed veggies with Balsamic reduction

Bread wreath

Brownie pops (not perfect to look at but ohhhhh soooo delicious!!) 

I like to keep the layout simple n minimal.... it does make a family dinner even more special n cosy.

Also sneaking in a couple of my Xmas tree pics.... What a pretty sight it was to behold! 

Them lights! Mesmerizing.... could gaze at them for hours. 

The Mini origami DIY Christmas trees

My very own home made Sign. Loved how it turned out! Ahh the glitters!!!  Pl. ignore the newspaper, it was to prevent the fallen glitter to spread everywhere until the sign was put up on the wall. 

A few of the pretty ornaments on the tree. Going to start collecting these now. Oooh n that snowflake is self made as well! 

I leave you with the promise of being back soon! Be good, be naughty, be fierce, Be You

Love always,


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