Cookie Dough Cupcakes

There are 3 reasons why I'm posting this

Numero 1) The other day, on my birthday, I ended up recreating the magic of one of my most precious food memories. 

I'd made a chocolate chip cookie which was then topped with caramel ice-cream aka the Pizookie. 

That was so much loved by my family and friends that I thought why not use the same recipe and make a cake out of it! 

Reason numero 2) I bought myself the most stunning cake stand. I know it might not be a big deal at all for some of you out there, but I'm in love!! Its made out of rich wood and the finish is impeccable. The best part is that it suits my style of cooking. I have a Rustic Gourmet kind of a thing going on... So you see, I HAD to make the cupcakes, you know just to show off my new tall dark handsome beauty. 

Numero 3)Have you heard Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting a baby?! Given how much I love Ryan Gosling, I really needed something to boost my neurotransmitters. You get my drift, don't you?! 

I'm such a wise, smart, clever girl, aren't I??! Always successfully finding ways to gorge on yummy food. Its genetic, so no accusations! 

Coming back to this fabulous fabulous oh-so-fabulous cake... This doesn't have any choco chips in it but even better, its topped with silky sensual looking chocolate Ganache. Dunking the cupcakes in the ganache bowl was one of the most erotically satisfying experiences of my life. 

Try not to judge my erotic experiences based on that statement. 

But these cupcakes, they are bite-your-bottom-lip-delicious and you'd probably be licking your lips for quite some time to clean up the messy luscious ganache. Enough sexy talk for today though. Lets make these cupcakes! 

Serves: 12 Cupcakes 

Complexity: ***

Time taken: 45 mins

You'll need (these measurements are for 12 cupcakes)

(Note**- I was making cupcakes and a cake so please don't just follow the pictures. Make sure you read the instructions carefully)

1 1/3 cup of all purpose flour
1 cup Brown sugar
1 stick butter
1/2 cup condensed milk
1 tbsp vanilla
1 tbsp instant coffee granules
1 1/5 tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
2 tbsp water (optional)
Pinch of love 

For Ganache

1 cup semi sweet chocolate of your choice (use choco chips or choco bar broken in chunks)
1 cup cream 

Cherries to garnish


Preheat oven at 180C or 350F.

Have your cupcake tray ready with liners

In a large bowl, put in the softened butter

Add the brown sugar to it

Cream the butter and sugar together. It is therapeutic to whisk a cake batter manually, so please do it instead of using an electric one.

Next add in the eggs 

Whisk till it all becomes frothy and air is incorporated in the mix approximately for 2 minutes. 

Add the vanilla

And the condensed milk. You can barely see it here because it sank right to the bottom of my bowl. 

In a separate bowl mix in your dry ingredients. First throw in the flour, the coffee granules and the baking powder.

Dump the dry ingredients in the bowl of the wet ingredients along with  pinch of your love and whisk till everything is properly combined. Although I'd suggest not to over whisk and mix as that leads to altering the cake's texture. 

Look at how glossy and rich the texture is...Now if it looks too heavy or dry, add in a couple tbsps of water. I didn't need to do it. Don't let the mixture become runny though. 

Spoon the batter into the liners. I went for 2 heaped tbsps in each mould. Could have gone with slightly less though. 

When all the moulds are filled, tap the tray gently 3-4 times on a plain surface, so that there are no air bubbles and place the tray in the oven. This is almost 5-7 minutes after. See how beautifully the cupcakes are rising. 

Give them a toothpick test to check their doneness in about 15-17 minutes. Please bear in mind that all ovens will fluctuate. Take them out and let them cool for a couple minutes in the tray.

After a couple minutes, take them out on a wire rack to let them cool till you get your ganache ready. 

For the ganache I used a chocolate bar that I broke into smaller chunks

Pour in the cream

Microwave this for 40 seconds and give it a stir. Your luscious silky ganache should be done. 

Take each cupcake and dunk the tops of the cupcakes into the ganache bowl so that it coats the top nicely. I dunked them in once quite stingily

This is after redunking them. Don't these look so perfect!! 

Garnish with sweet red cherries. Place cherries on top when the Ganache is still setting. 

Hello lover! I have two btw- the new cake stand and these cupcakes! Ryan Gosling who?! 

Since I made cupcakes and a cake as well, here's the cake.

Take a peek inside. The cake is so soft and slightly crumby.... 

Sheer Perfection. Indulge! 


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