Gaajar ka Achaar/ Carrot Pickle

I grew up in a home where, come winter, carrots used to sneak their way into our plates. We, as in me and my brother were told that the carrots are rich in vitamin A and that they will prevent us getting glasses. As if!(total 'Clueless' moment here btw). Random fact: got my glasses when I was 15. 

So we ended up eating carrots and resenting them. I mean who wants to eat healthy when you're kids! All you want are chips n pizzas n chocolates and all that is good but forbidden. 

I remember my grandma passing on this deliciousness enclosed in a big-ish glass jar that really did make us eat carrots like we were rabbits! Made in just about 5 minutes, this carrot pickle is instant, packs a flavourful punch and has been used by me to jazz up salads, sandwiches, wraps, ofcourse accompanied my lunch/ dinners and has been my midnight snack too. Yes! Its that yummmmm....lip-smackingly so...

This goes SOOOOO well with the Punjabi Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag which I will very soon update on my blog.

Please feel free to add chunky cauliflower and turnips if you want to. My grandma used to do that before sending us this yummy pickle. On to it then, shall we?!

Serves: Its a pickle, take as much or as little as you want

Complexity: Ha! are you kidding me!

Time Taken: 5 mins

You'll need

6-7 big red carrots
2 tbsp mustard seeds
1/2 cup of mustard oil 
1 heaping tbsp salt (Add more later if needed)
1 tbsp red chili powder
1 tbsp turmeric powder
sprinking of love

Slice the carrots into rounds and place into a large bowl

Grind the mustard seeds coarsely

Drizzle oil onto the carrots

The ground mustard seeds. I know this doesn't look like 2 tbsp of ground mustard seeds. I cheated, I only used about 1 tbsp because I like my pickle to be milder. That way I can eat more! But authentically, its 2 tbsp of ground mustard for 6-7 carrots. 

The chili, salt and turmeric.

Give it a good toss. Its all done. Also, sidenote: did you notice how much more colourful my white bowl looks after the tossing around is done! 

You can either eat it straight away or what I have been taught to do is cover it and wait for 24 hours so that its well marinated and the flavours have gotten a chance to know each other. The carrots will ooze water overnight and the spice mix would have seeped right into it. Now, pick a carrot and just put it in your mouth. Yummm, right?! I always deliver what I promise, I won't let you down my dear readers. 

Sprinkle your love, give it another toss and transfer into a jar. The carrot pickle stays about a week in the fridge. I have to make it nearly every 4th day till the carrots disappear on me for the season. It goes that soon. Indulge! 


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